The title Representing the Nation is borrowed from Representing the Nation: A Reader: Histories, Heritage and Museums by Jessica Evans and David Boswell, published in 1999. Key writings from leading thinkers in cultural studies, cultural history, and museum studies ask what role cultural institutions play in creating and shaping our sense of ourselves as a [...]


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Erratum text

Introduction The Representing the Nation publication was prepared in relation to our participation in the International Triennial of Contemporary Art (ITCA) organized by Tomáš Vlček and Milan Knížák at the National Gallery (NG) in Prague in 2008. We were invited to create a new work. We wanted to characterize the NG in Prague as an [...]

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Milan Knížák, Národní galerie v Praze

Dear Mrs. Grosseová and dear Mr. Alvaer, Professor thanks for your letter and regaring your thing wishes to tell you the following: The project that you prepared underwhelmed me and also the public. I am not interested to waste my time and energy with explaining rubbish that you wrote there on your own. Greetings, Milan [...]

Alica Štefančíková, Galerie Benedikta Rejta v Lounech

Not interested

Jaroslava Michalcová, Galerie moderního umění v Roudnici nad Labem

Dear Ms. Grosseová, Ms. Hlaváčková is not employed in our gallery anymore, since 2008 PhDr. Alena Potůčková is the new director now. I forwarded your e-mail. Sincerely, Jaroslava Michalcová public relation curator

Tomás Fassati, Muzeum umění a designu Benešov

I hope to find some time for you. Tomáš Fassati

Marek Pokorný, Moravská galerie v Brně

Hello, in this context I am in no need to express my attitudes. In a way we talked about them during our meeting, so it is possible to dig them up from the records – althought I didn’t use this edgy theoretical/critical apparatus in our discussion, my thoughts about museum institutions and art scene come [...]

Authors of Compensation portraits

Dear Ms. ……………………., Dear Mr. ……………………….., We are writing you regarding the project Representing the Nation prepared within the frame of ITCA in the National Gallery in Prague in 2008. You probably noticed that publications of the same name contained various texts and statements of directors of art galleries and museums, which didn’t match credited [...]