Authors of Compensation portraits

Dear Ms. ……………………., Dear Mr. ………………………..,

We are writing you regarding the project Representing the Nation prepared within the frame of ITCA in the National Gallery in Prague in 2008.

You probably noticed that publications of the same name contained various texts and statements of directors of art galleries and museums, which didn’t match credited authors and institutions that they pretend to stand for. Published texts about art, exhibitions, museums and politics were thematically bound to activities of institutions presented in the publication in a wider cultural context.

Curator Tomáš Pospiszyl invited us now to present a new part of the project Representing the Nation at the collective exhibition Formats of the transformation – Identity in DUMB, that will be launched on 17th November 2009.

For this occasion we are preparing a new reedited version of publication called ERRATUM and we want to offer you some space in the installation, and to challenge you to make your own statement to the context in which the misinterpretation of your previous statements appeared and which we called Compensation portraits.

We will be more than happy if you use this opportunity to publish your opinions, notes and corrections, because this will be exactly what the new publication ERRATUM wants to cover. We will publish names of authors of texts used in it, we will describe all the changes we worked into those texts to make them appear authentic and trustworthy in the Czech environement.

Thank you for your attention. We welcome questions, comments and criticism!

Isabela Grosseová and Jesper Alvaer

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