Milan Knížák, Národní galerie v Praze

Dear Mrs. Grosseová and dear Mr. Alvaer,
Professor thanks for your letter and regaring your thing wishes to tell you the following:

The project that you prepared underwhelmed me and also the public. I am not interested to waste my time and energy with explaining rubbish that you wrote there on your own.
Milan Knížák

That is all. Thank you for understanding and I greet you,
Marcela Špačková
National Gallery secretariatial services in Prague

29. 10. 2009

Dear Professor,

Thank you for your answer.
We see now that the edited version of the publication will be very useful, it seems that it is not quite clear that texts which make the body of Compensation portraits are translations of known essays or interviews in the field of theory of institutional practice.
To be concrete, your portrait is a conversation between Charles Harrison and Seth Siegelaub called On Exhibitions and the World at Large. Charles Harrison and Seth Siegelaub, 1969. Conversation is adjusted to Prague environement instead of that of New York, as well as alleged examples are always changed to local art course of events examples, especially to the context of ITCA and National Gallery itself. Even our publication Representing the Nation is mentioned in it.
Other authors we used were: Boris Buden, Jonathan Vickery, Simon Sheikh, Stevan Vuković, Nina Möntmann, Brian Holmes, Branka Ćurčić, Adrian Piper, Tirdad Zolghadr, Robert Smithson, Allan Kaprow , Suzana Milevska, Dušan Grlja, Jelena Vesić, Prelom kolektiv, Gerald Raunig, Marius Babias, Helio Oiticica, Katya Sander, Ana Devič, Maria Hlavajova , Ljubomir Bratić, Hans Haacke, Kenneth Hudson, Julian Stallabrass, Ekaterina Degot.

Isabela Grosseová a Jesper

29. 10. 2009

Dear Mrs. Grosseová and dear Mr. Alvaer,
thank you for these explaining additions, to which Professor noted that it delighted him, but that it will not change his attitude because he knows very well that a New York life is very different to that in Prague and cannot be interchanged.
Marcela Špačková

30. 10. 2009

Dear Ms. Spackova,
thank you for forwarding our message and your reply,
have a nice day,
Isabela g.

30. 10. 2009

Kind Mrs. G,
you are welcome and too, have a nice day!
M. Š.

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